Jordan's Homepage

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class.
I'm learning C#, which is for making Windows Apps.
I'm looking forward to being able to make complex games soon.

Goodbye Program

September 14th 2018

This project shows the flags and languages of 5 different nations that the user can change with a button.

Help Page

September 20th 2018

This project displays a help page for a made up company which allows the user to change the color and the font of the text.

Mailing Label

September 26th 2018

This projects get information from the user and puts it into a mailing label in the correct format.

Car Rental

October 4th 2018

This project uses a mailing label and calculates the cost of a car rental for a user based on miles driven and days used.


October 8th 2018

This takes the height and weight of the user and calculates their BMI.

Car Rental 2

October 15th 2018

This project expands on the first Car Rental and adds radio buttons which allow for different prices for different cars.

Test Score

October 17th 2018

This project calculates the average test score of two test scores put into the text boxes by the user and finds the letter grade of the averages.

Dice Game

October 25th 2018

This project uses random variables to roll two dice and keep track of the percentages of the sums rolled.

Craps Game

November 5th 2018

This project simulates a craps game in which a player rolls two dice and tries to win the game.

Slot Machine

November 13th 2018

This project simulates a slot machine by rolling 3 random variables and using simulated money.

T-Shirt Program

November 29th 2018

This project calculates the cost of buying multiple items and displays manager's store totals.

Football Bowls

December 13th 2018

This project displays information about the two teams playing in the Rose Bowl, including past bowls and school history.

Fish 1

January 16th 2019

This project generates a random variable to change the direction that the fish travels, and keeps track of how many moves it makes and how many times it bumps into each side of the fish tank.

Fish Tank 2

January 31 2019

This project expands upon fish 1 by adding the up and down directions, and with a predator fish that ends the game when it is in the same coordinates as the fish 1. My fish tank uses the Coyote and Road Runner from Looney Tunes.


February 7 2019

This project shows various sequences and factorials, and adds up a few of them, with the user able to determine how many numbers of each they want to see.

Tic Tac Toe

February 15 2019

Code a simple tic tac toe game that allows for 2 players to click different spots and try to get 3 in a row, which resets the game for them to play again.